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June 20, 2013


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Ministry /Department Closing  Date
Support Teacher ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Education) ​   04 Oct 16
Trainee Meteorological Observer ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Meteorological Services) ​   04 Oct 16
Family Counselling Officer ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Gender, Family Welfare and Child Development) ​   10 Oct 16
(Secondary) (Physical Education)
​Ministry of Education and Human Resources,
Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
​   10 Oct 16
Trainee Court Officer ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Judiciary) ​   20 Sep 16
Technical Officer (Legal Metrology) ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Trade, Commerce and Licensing) ​   22 Sep 16
Archives Officer/Senior Archives Officer ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly(Archives and Museum)
​   14 Sep 16
Technical Officer (Mechanical) ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Mechanical Workshop) ​   21 Sep 16
Patrol Officer(Rodrigues)
​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Civil Aviation) ​   14 Sep 16
Word Processing Operator ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Central Administration) ​   13 Sep 16
ICT Manager ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Information and Communication Technology) ​   20 Sep 16
Trainee Assistant Inspector of Works ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Public Infrastructure) ​   13 Sep 16
Student Pharmacy Technician ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Medical and Health) ​   12 Sep 16
Director ​Prime Minister’s Office
(Continental Shelf and Maritime Zones Administration and Exploration)
​   08 Sep 16
Clerk, Regional Assembly ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Office of the Clerk) ​   05 Sep 16

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For serving officers only
Post Ministry/Department Closing Date
Procurement and Supply Officer/Senior Procurement and Supply Officer ​Ministry of Finance and Economic Development ​12 Oct 16
Senior Coach ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Sports) ​10 Oct 16
Financial Officer/Senior Financial Officer ​Ministry of Finance and Economic Development ​27 Sep 16
Controller, Fisheries Protection Service ​Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping
and Outer Islands
​22 Sep 16
Nursing Administrator (Male) ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Medical and Health) ​19 Sep 16
Officer-in-Charge ​Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Sports) ​19 Sep 16
Trainee Meteorologist ​Meteorological Services ​25 Aug 16
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