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Public Service Commission & Disciplined Forces Service Commission


Frequently Asked Questions
Before Applying        
1. Question Can I apply for various posts on a single form?
  Answer No, you can only apply for one post on one form.
2.  Question Do I have to attach copies of certificates, etc. with the application form?
  Answer No. Simply enter the details in the application form. However, the original certificates must be available to be produced during interview.
3. Question Are qualifications obtained just after closing date acceptable?
  Answer No. All qualifications must be those obtained before the closing date of the advertisement. Furthermore, exams for which results are not yet known need not be indicated in the application form.
4. Question Can I type or write additional information and send it together with an application form?
  Answer Yes. You may do so, provided the information is relevant to the post
applied for.
5. Question Do I have to mention all the qualifications obtained?
  Answer Yes, it is preferable to mention all the qualifications obtained and that also in order of dates i.e. chronologically.
6. Question  When applying on-line, how can I certify the entries made?
  Answer   You will be required to certify same at the time of interview.
7.  Question How do I know whether the alternative qualifications I have entered in the application forms are acceptable to the PSC?
  Answer   If you have any equivalence certificate you may enclose a photocopy with the application form.
8. Question Can I request another person to fill in an application form and submit it on my behalf?
  Answer An applicant is required to fill in an application form in person.
9.  Question How will I know when a post in advertised?
  Answer Posts are advertised on local newspapers of wide circulation.
Advertisements are affixed at the following places:
  On the Notice Board of the Public Service Commission,
  At the Enquiry Counter of the Ministry of Civil Service and A.R at the Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis,
  In all Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB), and
  In all Labour Offices around the island.
    Further they are also broadcast on the public radio channels.
    You may also click on the "Advertisement" hyperlink on the left for all advertisement posted on this website.
10. Question When should I submit an application for a post?
  Answer   Whenever a post is advertised, the closing date and time is clearly
specified on the advertisement. No late applications are considered.
11. Question  Can foreigners apply for posts advertised?
  Answer   Unless, otherwise specified, posts are opened to Mauritian Nationals only.
12. Question Is there any age limit for entry in the public service?
  Answer  The age limit is 18 years and not more than 45 years.
The age limit is normally specified in the
After Applying 
1.  Question Do I need to notify the PSC for any change in address after an application is made?
  Answer Yes, it is important that you notify the PSC for any change in address, immediately.
2.  Question How will I know whether my application has been received by the PSC?
  Answer  Acknowledgement letters are sent for all applications forms received and for on-line applications made, acknowledgement by e-mail would be sent (provided e- mail address is specified).
3. Question Can I call the PSC to know whether I will be called for an interview?
  Answer No need to do so. Once you are selected for an interview, the office will contact you.
Regarding Interview
1. Question  Do I have to inform the PSC when I would not be available for interview?
  Answer Yes, it is very important that you inform the PSC of such cases, as early as possible.
2. Question Do I need to inform the office if I cannot come for interview?
  Answer Yes, provided you have valid reasons, you have to inform the office
immediately if you are not able to attend an interview.
3. Question  Is there a reason why I may not be convened for an interview, even when I satisfy the qualification requirements prescribed for the post?
  Answer   Yes, only the best qualified candidates are usually called for an
4. Question  If I am not convened for an interview, can I know the reason?
  Answer  There can be various reasons for an applicant not being convened for an interview. The applicant may  
    (i) not  possess all the required qualifications specified in the advertisement.  
    (ii) not meet the age criteria (e.g. overage)
    (iii) not have attained the required standard or pass level at a prior examination  (written, practical Physical Measurement Test, Physical Aptitude Test) organized by the PSC/DFSC for the post applied for.
    (iv) may not be among the best qualified candidates for the post.
5.  Question  How do I get prepared for an interview?
  Answer Make sure that you have understood the requirements of the Scheme of Service and the exact nature of the post for which you are applying. Be appropriately dressed and punctual for the interview. Answer questions in an audible, convincing and articulate manner. Avoid irrelevance and tendency to give lengthy answers to questions.   
After Interview
1. Question If I am offered an appointment and cannot assume duty on the date fixed, can I request for a delay?
  Answer  Yes a reasonable delay may be applied for with justifications. You may consult the Ministry/Department concerned in this respect.
2. Question Is it possible for someone to be offered employment at a later stage, after all the vacancies initially reported have already been filled?
  Answer Yes, if and when a merit list is kept for impending vacancies that may
arise after the initial selection exercise.
3. Question Is it possible to know whether I am short listed for a post?
  Answer  No, candidates are not informed whether they are short listed or not as there is no guarantee that their services will be enlisted. 
4.  Question  If I have been interviewed for several posts and am subsequently offered employment for more than one post, can I accept more than one, join in and then decide which one to choose?
  Answer    When an offer of employment is made, it is normally on a temporary basis for a period of time in order to assess the suitability of the candidate for the post. If a candidate opt for another offer of employment, his/her temporary employment of the initial post will lapse and he/she cannot revert to the former post again.