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Public Service Commission & Disciplined Forces Service Commission

Disciplined Forces Service Commission


To be the benchmark for integrity, equity and efficiency in a dynamic public service.
To ensure that the Republic of Mauritius has a professional and efficient Disciplined Forces Service geared towards excellence.
To identify and enlist persons of specified educational attainments with the drive and skill for efficient performance.
To safeguard the impartiality and integrity of the Commissions regarding appointments and promotions in the disciplined forces service and to ensure that these are based on merits.
To take disciplinary action with a view to maintaining ethical standards, encouraging good governance and safeguarding public confidence in the service.
Core Values
Responsible Attitude and Efficiency
Unrelenting and Quality Service
Respect for Human Rights and Valuing People
Integrity and Independence
Fairness and Equity
Teamwork and Timeliness
Innovativeness and Improvement
​ ​    History
: Established under the Mauritius Constitutional (Amendment) Order in Council as the Police Service Commission. Came into operation on the 28th July 1959.
​       1959-1967   
The Commission functioned in an advisory capacity.
       1967 : Vested with executive powers under the Mauritius Constitution Order 1966 on the 12th August 1967.
​       1997 ​: The Disciplined Forces Service Commission replaced the Police Service Commission following an amendment to Section 90 of the Constitution of Mauritius by Act No.5 of 1997.
The Disciplined Forces Service Commission performs its functions in respect of the Mauritius Police Force, Mauritius Fire Services and Mauritius Prison Service.